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My best friend has officially started designing my first tattoo! I've been thinking about about what I wanted for a long time, and I've finally settled.

Dream-catchers (? spelling) are significant to me in so many ways. The most prominent reason for me getting this tattoo is so I never forget to pursue my dreams. Although Dream-catchers usually represent the catching of nightmares etc, the tangled web and colours represent more beauty to me then anything else. There is nothing more beautiful, and nothing that means more to me then staying true to myself and never forgetting or giving up on my dreams.
I know a lot of people think its dumb to get a tattoo at such a young age because you will "grow out of it" meaning you won't like it ten years from now. Thankfully I am not trying to please the me ten years from now, this represents me as I am right now, and what is significant to me at this particular time in my life. If the me ten years from now is so lame that I stop liking my own (meaningful) body art...then future me sucks.

.. Hopefully we'll also be able to work in some lyrics from my favorite band and I can love this tattoo for the rest of my fucking life. Fuck yeah.


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