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"Its not the hand you're dealt, its how you play your cards"
Such a small statement contains so much truth. The 'hand you're dealt' can translate into so many different things, good or bad. It can be people belittling you, underestimating you, judging you. It can be people loving you, and admiring you, it can quite literally be anything. But it does sum it all up quite nicely it is how you PLAY your cards.
You can have a thousand voices in your ear whispering words of hate and failure. But as long as the only voice you listen to is your own..and you push on and make the best of what you have, you will overcome. You will overcome any obstacle that is placed in your way, you will prove everyone who judged you wrong. That is what makes everything worth while, the satisfaction that you bring yourself ... the type of satisfaction that only you can create.

Remember this. Persevere. Overcome.


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