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The dangerous summer. Lyrical geniuses in my mind. Without question, one of my favorite bands to listen too, regardless of the mood I'm in.

I would stay

If you could only keep me alive,
I swear that somehow we could find this way to change my life
and help me sing this
Because the rain it hit this town
and washed away half of my faith,
but now I'm ready to feel what I've been feeling
And then the sun it hit my face and made me think
of all the things that made me pray,
like when I stood up all this cocaine hit my heart,
then all the sudden I'm in love
Oh, God it's almost summer

I hope addiction took my heart,
because I'm looking for a hook that could just hold me back
from tearing out these speakers
It's not the sound that drowns me out
but all this doubt that broken me down
You were my friend but now I'm taking you to hell
If you could hold my hand,
you could feel what I've been feeling

I wrote this song for you
It's not the reasons that I left
it's just the ones that kept me hanging onto you
So hold me down to writing letters
like the song said; I'm so much better
When I'm gone you could take your time
because I'm living off this antidote


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