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stay the fuck out my face.

I am all about respect, but I don't just hand it out. Its something that is earned, and it doesn't take much for me to lose all or most of the respect I have for any individual. Secondly I am very angry at the moment, considering that I have tried my best to give myself 100% to the people who are important to me in my life, and they don't have the fucking respect to say what they think about me to my face, rather then behind my back. If any of my 'friends' are actually reading this, then I hope when you're finished you grow a spine and actually come to me, and own up to what I know you've been saying.

A line taken from an a day to remember song seems to describe what I'm feeling right now, best.
"I had the greatest faith in fools, I turn my back and out came the wolves"

With that being said, fuck everyone of you who have called me your friend only to open your mouths the moment I turned my back.

Maybe I'm changing, but that goes without saying based on my current situation. If you can't be there for me,then don't be. I am self reliant, and if you ever thought that I 'needed' you, you're wrong. Feel free to take a walk out of my life, I'm indifferent.
In Summation, I trust nobody, and thats just the way its going to be. Thanks to everybody who inspired this post, stay fake.


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