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Sometimes things are far too good to be true. For instance this morning
getting up at six, making a delicious smoothie and riding my bike to school sounded like a kick ass morning until I actually did it.

Waking up that early was way harder then I thought.
"Delicious smoothie" Turned into gross, purple mess.
Riding my bike to school didn't even last, my stomach was so upset.
Then I go into the school, take a seat a promptly decided that I'm going to be sick.
Of course because I would hate to disappoint, I did get sick. The purple mess made another appearance for me, so nice.

Every bad day gets better though! (hopefully)

I feel a bit better now, but that is thanks to this bagel and the 5 hour nap I had. WOOOOO
I think I'm going to post some thoughts on here briefly? I don't want this to just be a journal about my day, too monotonous.


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