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"I wish I could be hard and cynical. That I could take things slowly, not give too much of myself, because I’d be so frightened of getting hurt that there wouldn't be any other way. But no. Every time I meet someone I dive in headfirst, showering them with love and attention, and hoping that this time they’re going to be different." — Jane Green,Mr. Maybe

This particular quote gets me thinking. Every person has been hurt by another human being at one point or another in their lifetime. Physically, mentally,emotionally, financially. It happens on a day to day basis. But honestly it takes more to be a cynic than an optimist. I'm quite sure that being cynical can easily have its pros and cons, it simply depends on the person and whatever facilitates them. You don't believe that every human is good, making you more guarded, less prone to a hurtful situation. But if you are cynical, and hard..what do you live for? A better tomorrow? Now I'm not judging or demeaning any pessimists, or cynics because quite frankly, I admire them, and I would be lying if I said that I've never been one (or at least what I perceived to be a cynic). It was just not something that worked for me, and I can't fully grasp my mind around the whole concept, I would prefer to look on the bright side than no side at all, and although I have a hard time understand how/why people do it, I can appreciate why they do.

Granted, being an optimist is not always something that works for people. There are many who have fallen victim to their optimisim far too many times to ever trust that state of being for themselves again. Some may say that optimists are naive, and in a sense that is true. Maybe trust is given too easily, and maybe relationships develop to fast. But truthfully, I would rather be hurt chasing happiness than anything else. Call me naive.


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