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I have a crush on myself, does that make me conceited?
haha, just kidding. But seriously has anyone else just had a really unusual day?

I wouldn't characterize my day as "bad", because I was mildly entertained through most of my day. I wish it was summer though.
Summer makes me feel like dancing like a goof and listening to good music(acoustic preferably)
I've been listening to The Beach by All time low on the regular lately.
I am just getting so excited to get some time off from school. Like I said, I need to prioritize.

I feel like I came to a conclusion regarding a lot of loose ends in my life today.
I want to cut out the negative, but I know that I might actually create some of it for myself. I'm basically just trying to be more conscientious of what I'm doing I guess? Its about time that I start focusing on what really matters to me, anything but is not good enough.


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