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I'm in English class. My teacher is great, but I could honestly care less about A midsummer night's dream. I am nowhere near motivated enough to write an essay right now.

My stomach hurts, but I'm going to pretend its not because of that delcious sub that I had for lunch today. (Props to Zoë for giving me the extra dollar to make that possible.)
I'm having an a day to remember sesh right now, and thats definitely helping me feel better..(props to Zoë for that one too!) today wasn't too bad, I have like 5 minutes left of class and I'm excited to just get home and go to sleep.

A thought I'd like to leave you with.
Would you be more inclined to fight with someone because
a) Somebody called you 'low'
b) Somebody that you called 'low' because of them mistreating someone with a mental disability?

Rhetorical question, you don't have to actually answer that. Theres a couple of tough guys at my school who think its absolutely hilarious to poke fun at the few at our school who are disabled. They make me fucking sick. The fact that they actually think that they're allowed to do that to people and expect no hostility from other people is pretty surpring to me.

A message to the tough guys: Karmas going to come back at you ten fold, bitches.


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