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I genuinely feel bad for people who cannot get other peoples noses out of their relationship. I was looking at formspring today with my boyfriend, and it blew our minds all the anonymous relationship questions. I mean, I simply do not understand how people actually spend a lot of their time being curious about their peers relationships? How does it affect your life in anyway? Curiosity killed the cat.

instead of being nosey, how about you go out and get yourself in one? No, but I am actually thankful that the friends I have in my life don't poke their nose in my relationship. A majority of people are the exact opposite. Sorry to those of you! haha

Yes, that is indeed a cross breed of a Sheep and Pig.
Ugliest or cutest thing I've ever seen. Currently deliberating.

Article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-504771/A-shaggy-hog-story-Boris-extinct-sheep-pig-gains-new-trotter-hold-UK.html

It's going to be a good week. I only have to go to school once, on Tuesday. Then Wednesday I'm off to Woodbridge, then an angels and airwaves concert. As if that wasn't good enough, Thursday morning I will be heading down to New Jersey for Bamboozle! It's two days, and the line ups are incredible. Beyond stoked.

I'm going to stop procrastinating in a minute and start my comparative essay. DANG

Great day. An extra day to do 2 assignments, a nice dq blizzard and good marks in english! it really is sweet hahah, okay but enough of day.

Kid Cudi, if you've never listened to his music before, download some now.
Cudi is the realest rapper on the scene, he doesn't need to rap about his bitches. He raps about his feelings, his dreams and his most personal thoughts. I guarantee if you buy his recent album "Man on the moon" you will be blown away. His music has substance, something a lot of artists lack presently.

Today is also Hitlers birthday, I just heard about that. Can you say awkward?
I think maybe "4:20" shouldn't be such a celebration amongst all of the.....stoners?
I imagine if they had computers and things such as twitter back when Hitler was alive if this would be the type of tweet posted in honor of Hitlers birthday:
"Popsesh @Hitlers bbl! xo hbd!!"

I'm in English class. My teacher is great, but I could honestly care less about A midsummer night's dream. I am nowhere near motivated enough to write an essay right now.

My stomach hurts, but I'm going to pretend its not because of that delcious sub that I had for lunch today. (Props to Zoë for giving me the extra dollar to make that possible.)
I'm having an a day to remember sesh right now, and thats definitely helping me feel better..(props to Zoë for that one too!) today wasn't too bad, I have like 5 minutes left of class and I'm excited to just get home and go to sleep.

A thought I'd like to leave you with.
Would you be more inclined to fight with someone because
a) Somebody called you 'low'
b) Somebody that you called 'low' because of them mistreating someone with a mental disability?

Rhetorical question, you don't have to actually answer that. Theres a couple of tough guys at my school who think its absolutely hilarious to poke fun at the few at our school who are disabled. They make me fucking sick. The fact that they actually think that they're allowed to do that to people and expect no hostility from other people is pretty surpring to me.

A message to the tough guys: Karmas going to come back at you ten fold, bitches.

We're doing some mad cleaning in my house. Not just that but putting some classy stick on tiles in the kitchen. But at least thats a step up from the linoleum.
Oh yeah, I'm pretty allergic to mold, and we just found some nice black mold due to water damage at the back door. Yum. Guess that explains the year round cough?

Anyways I'm taking some time away from my procrastinating to update this blog. Because I actually kind of like it?
And as for how I'm feeling, I'm feeling positive. Keep on keeping on.

This applies to everyone, even if you don't have a vagina.

I saw the funniest thing today. I was walking down the road today with Michael, and we see a guy on a motorcycle up ahead with something on his chest. As he got closer we saw he actually had a small dog, in something that looked like a baby carrier strapped to his chest on the motorcycle! It was a mixture of the cutest/weirdest things I've ever seen, the dog even had small goggles made just for him! It was hilarious, honestly haha I would post pictures if I had them, and I am super bummed that I don't.

On a side note: I watched Edward Scissorhands today for the first time in a while today, and I suggest to anyone who hasn't seen it to rent/borrow it because it is great! I could not have had a better Sunday, Dogs on motorcycles and another well directed Tim Burton movie. Uhbooya

self explanatory. stay what you are.

"Tomorrow is going to be the most beautiful day of my life"
I wonder if we all carried ourselves with that mind frame, if our bad days would seem that much more tolerable? I hope so.

I want to live my life for myself, I will do what I want, what I love, and I could not be less concerned as to what others may think of it. I am not entirely sure why there are people who think that their opinion impacts my life in any way at all. How can you hold yourself up on a pedestal so high, that you think your thoughts on myself will mean more to me then my own? What you see me as, whatever you take me for is for yourself, it matters to you, and you only. What confuses me more then anything else, is that there are people who I don't even consider to be a good friend who think that they have some relevance in my life. I am thinking specifically of one person, who has continuously tried my patience and I have zero tolerance for them anymore. This person has no respect for anyone in their life, and has actually said some pretty demeaning things about people in my family. If you are reading this, know that just because the conflict between us is seemingly "resolved" that does not mean that you are going to be a part of my life. I will never defend you again nor help you in any aspect of your life. I have no space for you in my life, I have no desire to put up with your mood swings or lack of intelligence.

I do not care what you feel. What you think. What you do.
You are nobody to me.

I am thankful for all of the incredible people I have in my life, You give me hope that tomorrow will be the most beautiful day of my life.

I need a change

A couple of months ago, I think the only real girl at my school left.
She was my best friend, and I can truthfully say that nothing is as good without her. When a friend like that isn't with you on a day to day basis you really start to appreciate them more. It also begins to open your eyes to the people around you, and in my case, I didn't like what I saw. I don't think that I will bond with another person the way I did with her in such a short amount of time. But I don't think that bothers me, because I'm not looking for a replacement, and realistically there isn't anyone who could compare anyways. This is a person who has had nothing but patience and love for me since the moment we became friends, and was always there to rant with me (which obviously won me over in an instant). This person is insanely talented, hilarious and has impeccable taste in music (lol) >

This is my thank you to my best friend, the most real person in my life. Distance means nothing. YOU inspire me

Zoë Declan Zoë Declan Zoë Delcan
O look, ur mentioned!

stay the fuck out my face.

I am all about respect, but I don't just hand it out. Its something that is earned, and it doesn't take much for me to lose all or most of the respect I have for any individual. Secondly I am very angry at the moment, considering that I have tried my best to give myself 100% to the people who are important to me in my life, and they don't have the fucking respect to say what they think about me to my face, rather then behind my back. If any of my 'friends' are actually reading this, then I hope when you're finished you grow a spine and actually come to me, and own up to what I know you've been saying.

A line taken from an a day to remember song seems to describe what I'm feeling right now, best.
"I had the greatest faith in fools, I turn my back and out came the wolves"

With that being said, fuck everyone of you who have called me your friend only to open your mouths the moment I turned my back.

Maybe I'm changing, but that goes without saying based on my current situation. If you can't be there for me,then don't be. I am self reliant, and if you ever thought that I 'needed' you, you're wrong. Feel free to take a walk out of my life, I'm indifferent.
In Summation, I trust nobody, and thats just the way its going to be. Thanks to everybody who inspired this post, stay fake.

This time baby I'll beeeeeeeeee bullleeetttttpprrrooofff.

God that tune by La Roux! I think it has subliminal messaging in it, because there is no other way a song can get stuck in someones head like that.

Anyways, aside from that... I hate conflict. It makes my heartbeat irregular and I feel uncomfortable. But on the real here, I choose my battles wisely, and this one isn't worth the energy. I've been feeling drained lately, I'm sick of putting up a front. I have all the people I need in my life right now, but if they don't want to be a part of it, then so be it. Take your leave, because any emotion invested in me will go to waste.

If I'm such a horrible person, why are you wasting your time?

BOOM! headshot

This picture can sum most people up very quickly.
I'm alone with my thoughts too much.

I have a crush on myself, does that make me conceited?
haha, just kidding. But seriously has anyone else just had a really unusual day?

I wouldn't characterize my day as "bad", because I was mildly entertained through most of my day. I wish it was summer though.
Summer makes me feel like dancing like a goof and listening to good music(acoustic preferably)
I've been listening to The Beach by All time low on the regular lately.
I am just getting so excited to get some time off from school. Like I said, I need to prioritize.

I feel like I came to a conclusion regarding a lot of loose ends in my life today.
I want to cut out the negative, but I know that I might actually create some of it for myself. I'm basically just trying to be more conscientious of what I'm doing I guess? Its about time that I start focusing on what really matters to me, anything but is not good enough.

"I wish I could be hard and cynical. That I could take things slowly, not give too much of myself, because I’d be so frightened of getting hurt that there wouldn't be any other way. But no. Every time I meet someone I dive in headfirst, showering them with love and attention, and hoping that this time they’re going to be different." — Jane Green,Mr. Maybe

This particular quote gets me thinking. Every person has been hurt by another human being at one point or another in their lifetime. Physically, mentally,emotionally, financially. It happens on a day to day basis. But honestly it takes more to be a cynic than an optimist. I'm quite sure that being cynical can easily have its pros and cons, it simply depends on the person and whatever facilitates them. You don't believe that every human is good, making you more guarded, less prone to a hurtful situation. But if you are cynical, and hard..what do you live for? A better tomorrow? Now I'm not judging or demeaning any pessimists, or cynics because quite frankly, I admire them, and I would be lying if I said that I've never been one (or at least what I perceived to be a cynic). It was just not something that worked for me, and I can't fully grasp my mind around the whole concept, I would prefer to look on the bright side than no side at all, and although I have a hard time understand how/why people do it, I can appreciate why they do.

Granted, being an optimist is not always something that works for people. There are many who have fallen victim to their optimisim far too many times to ever trust that state of being for themselves again. Some may say that optimists are naive, and in a sense that is true. Maybe trust is given too easily, and maybe relationships develop to fast. But truthfully, I would rather be hurt chasing happiness than anything else. Call me naive.

Sometimes things are far too good to be true. For instance this morning
getting up at six, making a delicious smoothie and riding my bike to school sounded like a kick ass morning until I actually did it.

Waking up that early was way harder then I thought.
"Delicious smoothie" Turned into gross, purple mess.
Riding my bike to school didn't even last, my stomach was so upset.
Then I go into the school, take a seat a promptly decided that I'm going to be sick.
Of course because I would hate to disappoint, I did get sick. The purple mess made another appearance for me, so nice.

Every bad day gets better though! (hopefully)

I feel a bit better now, but that is thanks to this bagel and the 5 hour nap I had. WOOOOO
I think I'm going to post some thoughts on here briefly? I don't want this to just be a journal about my day, too monotonous.

I love being home alone on sunny days. Turn up my stereo and clean. Weird that I absolutely love doing that? Hahah Kid Cudi is a perfect ending to this day.

Today was honestly one of the best days I've had in a while. I had a religion trip to a soup kitchen in Toronto, a place called St Francis Table. It was a breath of fresh air to say the least.

Me and half of my class went, and we basically just served food to the homeless, or those who don't have the money to put food on the table. Unfortunately I had to peel the onions for the salad we served, the head chef there said I "looked like a crier" ....he was definitely right hahah

But all jokes aside, it was a sweet day. There was lots of people to help, and I left feeling great. :)

And as if this day wasn't great enough... GLEE IS ON TONIGHT! My two good friends Kellie and Zoe are total Gleeks...and as if we don't sound nerdy enough referring to ourselves as that! okokok but seriously, glee..is on tonight.

There is a slight possibility this is my last post, because I'm going to sing myself to death.
(Also, the first sentences font is the only normal one, this one is too big...I am so new to this)

My first official blog... hahah I really hope I stick with it. I never stick with things.
Where is my motivation?
I decided I needed to focus on different things, so I deleted my facebook and I'm trying out blogging! It feels fresh, it will take some time to get used to it but I'm excited nonetheless.
Today has been a great day, full of laughs and now I'm helping out my good friend with a research project. Pay it forward right?

I hope I have enough time left to play some call of duty 4 later, I'm lame but it is just SO good, I can't help it!

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