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Mitch and Lewis, two dudes. Always down to chill and act more stupidly. They just really want some recognition. Take note.. you have been recognized.

Lyrics from the song of my summer 2009. Still relevant.
"The closest thing to me at heart, is the furthest thing away to touch"

My optimism is simultaneously the most difficult and rewarding thing about me.

My head is so fucking clouded. Second guessing everything. I've never felt stupid for being optimistic, but right now I feel like fool. How wonderful, how fucking great would it be if something changed. Just once.

You can only hope for the same thing for so long, sometimes its just too hard to keep forcing yourself to swallow feelings that want to consume you. I will never escape this. Trapped.

When it rains it pours.
No...when it rains its a fucking monsoon destroying everything in its path.

Consisted of me playing with sparklers with two of my best friends, results shown below.

The worst feelings are the ones you have no control over. The ones that you have no understanding of. The kind of feelings that you would do anything to get rid of or forget about but they cling to you like a fucking vine. The type of feeling that consumes your entity and affects everything you are. Do you lose yourself to it or do you try and push away what your mind won't let you forget. Better yet, are you stronger if you forget it or embrace it?
Suppose some of these things just take some time to pass, or maybe they never do and they change everything thing you ever believed to be true up to that point.
Maybe all you can do is follow your gut, because thats the realest thing you have. It is either your last choice or your lost chance. Fuck it.

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